German A1 for English Speakers


German lessons / Deutsch Unterricht — Niveau A1 -B1 – online via Zoom & offline in Berlin Office


In the first lesson I determine your level, after which the lessons are designed according to your goals.

Among other things, we label the following module:

✅ Oral expression: Colloquial / everyday language

✅ Written expression: learn to write e-mails and letters

✅ Reading comprehension: we will read magazine articles and small topics

✅ Listening comprehension: Listening to an audio / video lecture together with subsequent questions about the content

✅ Repetition / homework: At the end of each lesson (or double lesson) we repeat what we have learned and you will receive a homework.

About me : I live in Germany 8 years and have German C2 Certificate.

I’m studying at the moment at Humboldt University. I am also fluent in Spanish and Russian.

if you have any questions feel free to write me a message

Including teaching material

On request with homework / exercises or help at any time via email & WhatsApp

All prices include 19% VAT, payable before the start of lessons by bank transfer, PayPal or cash. Group offer depending on interest, offer until revoked.



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